Community Service Spotlight: Corey Cappelloni

Corey is a humanitarian, long distance runner, father, and grandson who has been an active member of the HCW Community Service Committee. After seeing firsthand the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted our seniors, especially those in nursing homes and assisted care facilities, Corey started a 220 mile run to his Nana in Scranton, PA.  He hopes to uplift his 98- year old grandmother Ruth who is currently in a rehabilitation center, to raise awareness for all the elderly in similar facilities during the coronavirus, and to deeply thank the heroic staff who are on the frontlines in these facilities.

Corey began his journey in Washington, DC on June 12th and plans to arrive outside his grandmother's window at the Allied Services Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Scranton, PA on June 19th. Follow Corey's journey to his grandmother at Learn more about how you can show solidarity for seniors and the staff supporting them HERE! Read more about Corey's ultramarathon in this Washington Post Article! This week, you can also join him virtually for a run using #irunfor and sharing the important people in your life. We are so excited to spread Corey's message and support him on his journey to his Nana!



Community service is more vital than ever right now and we want to highlight our Harvard Club of Washington DC members engaged in important community service work. If you or an alum you know has shown a deep commitment to community service or has an opportunity to share, please email