yarrowMan Out: Men On the Sidelines of American Life

The story of men who are hurting -- and hurting America by their absence

20 million or more of America’s approximately 100 million adult men (early 20s to mid/late 60s) are on the sidelines of American life.  Rejecting the politically charged dichotomy of seeing such men as either victims or culprits, Andrew Yarrow MPA '94 tells a more complex story of the interplay between economics and culture.  As a former New York Times reporter and historian, Yarrow has drawn on hundreds of interviews and visits to communities across the country, as well as data and expert perspectives.

It is a myth that men on the outer corners of society are only lower-middle-class white men dislocated by technology and globalization.  Aside from the politically disaffected and millennials in parents’ basement, these men are disconnected from work, personal relationships, family and children, civic and community life, and many are in poor health. They may be angry at government, employers, women, and “the system” in general—and millions of them have done time in prison and have cast aside many social norms.  Many are working class or ex-felons, but surprising numbers are from higher socio-economic brackets and the millennial cohort.  These men are hurting, and in turn they are hurting families and hurting America. It is essential to address their problems.

Biography of Andrew L. Yarrow

Andrew L. Yarrow has been a New York Times reporter, a U.S. history professor at American University, a Labor Department speechwriter, and affiliated with think tanks and other nonprofits ranging from the Brookings Institution and the Progressive Policy Institute to Oxfam and Public Agenda.  He has written four previous books and writes for many major media.  A graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School (MPA 1994), Yarrow has a son who is a senior at Harvard College.

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6:30PM - 8:30PM Tue 30 Oct 2018 ( Timezone: Eastern )


Hogan Lovells
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