Ivy / Seven Sisters Chess Social 



Dear IVY/Seven Sisters school alumni and friends,

We invite you to join us IVY/Seven Sisters alumni Chess social for players of all levels and ages. This is an enjoyable occasion to socialize, and network with IVY/Seven Sisters alumni and their guests, and to take part in casual games. You can come and leave at any time.

For Information:       

Kuni Matsuda, Stardust@smart.net        240 294 5736 (w)

Bob Kolodney, BobkoLive@gmail.com


                    Ivy / Seven Sisters Chess Social        

                All Levels and Ages

              Organized by The HARVARD Club of Washington, D.C.


Place:              Marrakech Restaurant: 2147 P Street, NW Washington, DC 20037 

Date:               Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Time:              6:45 to 9:00 pm

Admission:     Advance registration for player / observer: $10 per person by check or credit card

Door admission for player and observer: $15 per person by check or cash only.

Food/Drinks: Cash bar/restaurant menu available.

Chess Social policies:

1. Advance registration can be made only by mailing this form with a check in advance to the address below, or paying by credit card using the registration button below:

Click here to buy tickets!!!

All payments must be received by 08/29/2017 to qualify for the advance registration price.  There is no registration by fax, email or telephone.

2. Refunds are no longer possible. If you are unable to attend, please consider the fee a donation to the HCW or find a substitute

3. Door admission is limited to availability of spaces. NO credit card is accepted at the door.

4. There will be chess sets available at the event, but it would be helpful if attendees who have sets could bring them. If you do not mind bringing your own chess set, please let us know.

5. Guidance will be available for beginners at the registration table.

We will provide onsite learning session from 7:00 -7:30 pm.

6. Each attendee is responsible for any damage to the facility, injuries or accidents in connection with this function.

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Reservation Form: IVY/Seven Sisters Chess Social - Wednesday, August  30, 2017

  _____ Players @ $10/person and _____Non-players @ $10/person = Total $___________


Name __________________________________(M /F), SCHOOL ______________________




PHONE______________________ (w), Email: ______________________________________


Level (Please indicate):  A(Advanced) /HI( High Intermediate )/ LI(Low Intermediate) /B( Beginner)


Playing Attendee names and their level of play: __________________________________________________


Non-Playing Attendee names: _________________________________________________________________

Registration and Payment methods:


Mail Registration with a Check: Harvard Club of Washington, D.C.

3220 N Street, NW #295, Washington DC 20007

Credit Card Registration and Payment:  http://www.harvard-dc.org (please indicate playing level on RSVP fields)


6:30PM - 9:15PM Wed 30 Aug 2017, Eastern timezone


Marrakech Restaurant
2147 P Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037 USA

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