SOLD OUT! The New Reality in Investment and Retirement, with Harvard Alumna Maya Joelson MPA '04

Join us at Bank of America's spectacular penthouse for drinks and a presentation on investment and retirement by Maya Joelson, who has kindly offered to share her expertise with fellow alumni while donating all proceeds to the Harvard Club. $25/person.

With the recent stock market volatility and warnings of a higher risk of global recession, please join us on Monday, November 9, for a timely presentation on the new reality in investment and retirement. 

Join us for drinks at Bank of America's spectacular penthouse overlooking the Treasury and the Washington Monument and learn about strategies that may help your portfolio. As a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch and loyal member of the Harvard Club of Washington, DC, Maya Marisa Joelson MPA '04 has kindly offered to share her financial expertise while donating 100% of the proceeds from registration fees to the Harvard Club.

The New Reality in Investment and Retirement -- Maya Joelson 

This October, the International Monetary Fund downgraded its global growth forecast to the lowest rate since 2009 and warned of a higher risk of global recession. In August, the US stock market plunged and, after recovering somewhat, remains volatile. Meanwhile, the traditional "safe haven" of bonds is becoming riskier. So how can you protect your savings and plan in this environment? What are your options as you invest for retirement and other goals?  

Maya Joelson will offer strategies for traveling this troubled investment landscape and discuss these timely topics:

-       What is the global economic outlook
-       Which countries might outperform
-       Why the risks of bonds are rising
-       Why diversification is not enough
-       How to invest to protect your assets
-       Which alternatives to stocks and bonds can lower your risk
-       How to plan and manage your money through longer retirements
-       How to maximize your Social Security benefits

Maya has a MPA from Harvard, a MBA from Northwestern-Kellogg, and a BA from Wesleyan. She is a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch with two decades of experience in DC, New York, and London, where she has worked with top executives and hedge funds on investment decisions.  She will be joined by retirement specialist Jill VanTine, who earned her BA from the University of Michigan and has spent 28 years in financial planning with a focus on retirement.

Space is very limited, so please reserve your place early.

$25 per person. All are very welcome.

All proceeds from registrations fees will benefit the Harvard Club of Washington, DC. 

The View from Bank of America Penthouse Suite (Event Location) 
Refunds of any kind are no longer possible. If you find that you cannot attend an event, please find a substitute or consider all fees paid as a  charitable donation to the Harvard Club of Washington, DC. Your cooperation in this regard would be appreciated.  
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