tennis-ball24th year - Ivy/Seven Sisters Winter Indoor Round-Robin  Mixed Doubles Tennis Party

For All Levels of IVY/Seven Sister Schools Alumni and their friends

Organized by the Yale and Harvard Clubs of Washington, DC

Dear IVY / Seven Sister school alumni and friends,    We invite you to join us for one of the most popular IVY / Seven Sisters alumni and their guests tennis party for players of all levels and ages over 18*. It is an enjoyable way to socializing and networking tennis event You can come and leave at any sessions (40 minutes each). We provide refreshments and tennis balls. * If a player is under 18 years old (limited to Advanced girl or boy), please contact us. 

For Information:  Kuni Matsuda (Harvard), 240 294 5736 (w), 703-622-7999 (m), David Federbush (Yale), 301-657-4691 (h), 301-657-4680 (w),      

DATE & TIME:    Saturday, November 17, 2018 from 6:50 pm to 11:00 pm

PLACE: NEW LOCATION!  Georgetown Prep Tennis Club,  10900 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852 Phone: 301.816 9713


  • Player - advance registration: $30 per person by check or credit card.  Register online HERE at the Yale Club of DC website.                         
  • Player - door admission:         $35 per person (cash or check; no credit card)                       
  • Non-Player:                  $10 per person (limited to a guest of a player) 

Note: Limited number of players can be accommodated at this Club, please sign up early:

 Tennis party policies:

1. Advance registration: Please send in a check by mailing this form to the address below, or by credit card at the Yale Club DC website shown below by clicking on the listing in the event calendar.  All payments must be received by 11/16/2018 to qualify for the advance registration price.   There is no registration by fax, email or telephone.

2. Requests for refunds: A request must be received by 3 pm on 11/16/2018.

3. Door admission: If a space is available, please pay door admission fee by cash or check only. 4. Each attendee is responsible for any damage to the facility, injuries or accidents in connection with this function. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cut------ Reservation Form: IVY/Seven Sisters Winter Tennis Party – Saturday, November 17, 2018   ____ Players @ $30/person and ____Non-playing Guest @ $10/person =Total $______     
 Player Name __________________________________  (M /F), SCHOOL __________________
 PHONE______________________    (w), Email: _______________________________________
 Guest Player Name (s): ____________________________________________________________
 Non-Playing Guest name (s): _______________________________________________________
 Registration and Payment methods:                                                           

Check: payable to Yale Club of Washington D.C., 

Mail to: Yale Club of Washington D.C.  #106-270, 4200 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20016 Credit