Ivy/Seven Sisters Winter Indoor Mixed Doubles Tennis

Organized by the Yale Club of Washington, DC and the Harvard Club of Washington, DC

tennis12We invite you to one of our most popular Ivy/Seven Sisters Alumni tennis parties for players of all levels and ages over 18*.  This is a great opportunity to socialize, meet tennis partners, and network with Ivy/Seven Sisters alumni  and their guests.   You do not need your partner to attend this event.  You can come and leave at any session (40 minutes each).  We provide refreshments (soft drinks, munches, and pizza) and tennis balls.  8 indoor courts have been reserved.

*Advanced players under 18 may be eligible to attend.  Please contact us below:

Key Contacts 
Kuni Matsuda (Harvard), 240-294-5736 (w) or 703-622-7999 (c) or stardust@smart.net
David Federbrush (Yale), 301-657-4691 (h) or 301-657-4680 (w) or federbus@erols.com

Date: Saturday, November 18, 2017
Time: 6:50 pm - 11:50 pm

Location: Four Seasons Tennis Club, 703-573-5105 (3010 Williams Dr. Merrifield, VA 22031)
Players - Advance registration (by 11/17) - $30 (check or credit card).   Door admission - $35 (cash or check; no credit card)
Non-playing Guest - $10 (advance or at door) Limited to a guest of a player
If you are interested in carpooling, please let the key contacts know.

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Tennis Party Policies:
1.  Advance registration can be made online or by mailing the form below with a check to the Yale Club of Washington, DC #106-270, Wisconsin Ave, NW  Washington, DC 20016.
 Please bring a copy of your online registration confirmation to the event.
2.  All payments must be received by 11/17/2017 to qualify for the advance registration price. There is no registration by fax, email or telephone.
3.  Requests for refunds must be received by 3 pm on 11/17/2017.
4.  Door payment available at the higher price noted above is cash or check only.
5.  Each attendee is responsible for any damage to the facility, injuries or accidents in connection with this function.
6.  All attendees are expected to be cooperative, to refrain from any disruptive activity, and to always follow good sportsmanship and tennis etiquette.
7. Alcohol is not permitted at this event
8. Cell phones and food are prohibited on the court.


Reservation Form: IVY/Seven Sisters Winter Tennis Party – Saturday, November 18th, 2017

  ____ Players @ $30/person and ____Non-playing Guest @ $10/person =Total $______                      


Name __________________________________  (M /F), SCHOOL __________________




PHONE______________________ (w), Email: __________________________________


Level (Please circle):  Advanced / High Intermediate / Low Intermediate / Beginner


Playing Guest names and their level of play: ___________________________________


Non-Playing Guest names: __________________________________________________


Check: payable to Yale Club of Washington D.C.

Mail to: Yale Club of Washington DC,  #106-270,  4200 Wisconsin Avenue, NW  Washington, DC 20016



Saturday, 11/18/17 at 6:50pm - 11:50pm | iCal


Four Seasons Tennis Club
3010 Williams Dr
Merrifield, VA 22031

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