Lecture on James W. Bagley - Aerial Photographer and Pioneer in the Mapping of Alaska

Richard Schneider of the National Archives and Records Administration will be giving a special lecture on panoramic photographs taken by topographers with the US Geological Survey in the Alaska Territory from 1910-1925.  The program will begin with drinks and an Alaskan style dinner.

Mbagley-and-blades-talkeetnar. Schneider will speak about Hidden Treasure, the exhibit presently on display at the National Archives at College Park, MD.  It features panoramic photographs taken by topographers with the US Geological Survey in the Alaska Territory from 1910-1925. These panoramas captured important visual data and were integral to the creation of precise and accurate maps of the region. However, the topographers also found time to photograph their experiences, stunning landscapes and various towns and camps. It is the latter group that forms the majority of Hidden Treasure.

Using panoramic photographs for data gathering was developed by James W. Bagley, a topographic engineer who would write the USGS Bulletin 657 on this topic in 1917. Bagley would leave the project that year to join the allied effort in World War I in France. By this point he had begun using aerial photography for mapping purposes, and this would be indispensable in allied military success. He would remain in the US Army until 1936, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. In 1937, he joined the faculty at Harvard University at the Institute for Geographical Exploration. In 1941, he authored Aerophotography and Aerosurveying, a landmark publication in the field. Hidden Treasure presents the general public the first opportunity to see the work of James Bagley and that of the USGS topographers.

Richard Schneider
Richard works on Special Projects in the Preservation Programs Division of the National Archives and Records Administration. In 2017, he marked his 25th year with the agency. Projects he has contributed to include organizing preservation conferences, contract management, authoring and editing website content, event photography, layout and design for publications, facilities decor and beautification. His most recent project, the production and curating of "Hidden Treasure", has been featured in the Archives' quarterly publication Prologue, on YouTube and on the BBC World News America. Richard earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1983. In 1985, he became a cruise ship photographer on the original "Love Boat" the Sun Princess and traveled up to southeastern Alaska for the first time on that ship. It is at this time that Richard discovered some of the beautiful scenery in the world and had the pleasure of learning modern approaches to panoramic photography. Hidden Treasure brings Richard's life experiences full circle for all to enjoy.

Members and their Guests - $45
Non-Members - $65
Ticket includes drinks, full dinner, and lecture

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Thursday, 04/12/18 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm | iCal


Hogan Lovells
555 13th Street, NW room 13.107
Washington, DC 20004 USA

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