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Harvard Book Awards

The Harvard Book Award program is an important way for local alumni to recognize students in our community. In the greater DC area, Harvard Book Awards are presented annually in more than 100 high schools to an outstanding student in the junior class who combines excellence in scholarship and high character with achievement in other fields. The selected student typically receives the award at the school’s graduation exercise or other awards program. The Harvard Book has been chosen by the Harvard Club of Washington, DC, as the designated book. It contains a collection of passages and quotations about Harvard from such illustrious writers as John Updike, David Halberstam, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Theodore White, and Charles Dickens.

The Harvard Club handles all the details and will contact the school to arrange for the awarding of the prize. Often the alumnus/alumna who donated the book is invited to present the award in a ceremony at the school. In addition, the Club invites all the book award winners to an annual breakfast celebration in their honor, to recognize each student and a teacher or principal from the student's school.

To sponsor a tax-deductible book(s) for $35 each, providing support for the Harvard Book Award program and the breakfast to honor award recipients, please click here: http://hcdc.clubs.harvard.edu/donate.html